• Ticket validation
  • Fare validation/computation
  • Stored value card debiting
  • Data encryption
  • Transaction data formatting
  • Transaction buffering
  • Capability for transaction time of 1 second or less for either barcode scanner or contactless card reader
  • Passenger throughput of not less than 240 passengers/8 min
  • Recognition of discounted tickets and complementary coupon
  • Stand-alone operation if LAN or Server is non-operational
  • Processing of instructions received from station server
  • TCP/IP communications with station server
  • Hardware diagnostic reporting
  • Card blacklist support
  • Passenger count function
  • Provision to support cellphone-based automatic payment system


  • Real-time transmission of all transaction data to the station server
  • Recording of all transactions
  • Graphical user interface on LCD Touchscreen
  • Generation of single-trip barcoded or magnetic stripe tickets
  • Encoding and issuance of contactless stored value smart cards
  • Printing of receipts on Barcode Printer
  • Support for discounted tickets and complementary coupon
  • Ticket and card analysis functions
  • Hierarchical security access using smart card + passwords
  • Operator logging in and out functions
  • Event/exception recording
  • Receipt of operating parameters from Central Computer System
  • Generation of end-of-shift reports
  • On-demand generation of various sales and event reports


  • Transmission of transaction data to the Central Computer System
  • Distribution of instructions from Central Computer System to various station equipment
  • Real-time monitoring of station equipment operating status
  • Event recording: equipment & LAN malfunctions, communications errors, AC supply failures, WAN failure
  • Broadband WAN Support: Wired or Wireless
  • GSM/GPRS Modem support in case broadband WAN fails


  • Ticket number management
  • Ticket and Transaction Encryption management
  • Direct access of sales transactions in all stations in real-time
  • Web-based access by authorized users of ticketing data and reports
  • Remote Configuration of all station equipment
  • Generation of financial reports
  • Generation of statistical reports on passengers and ridership
  • Generation of Operations and Maintenance Status Reports:
  • Hierarchical security and access to functions
  • Event Recording with audio alarm support
  • Real-time monitoring of status of equipment in all stations



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