The Micrologic PLMACS is a device designed to perform measurements on a 3-phase electrical power source and load, recording the measurements on a removable SD Card with options of transmitting the data in real-time to the user via SMS or text messaging. It can also automatically generate alerts when a certain conditions are met such as exceeding energy consumption, surges and sags in AC voltage supply, occurrences of power failures and other events. It also has built-in relay outputs for remotely controlling the load by text messaging such as starting and stopping a motor. Automatic scheduling of loads is also possible.

  • Record real-time data in SD Card
  • Transmit monitored data through SMS/GPRS as needed by user
  • Automatically alert user thru SMS when certain pre-programmed events occur
  • Remotely control electrical load thru SMS
  • Automatically turn on and off load according to user-defined schedule

The data saved in the SD Card are read, displayed and saved into a file by the accompanying Software which is designed to run on a Windows-based computer. This software is also used to enter the operating parameters of the PLMACS. These parameters are stored in the SD Card and read by the PLMACS on start-up. The various functions of the PLMACS are then executed based on these parameters.



  • Accuracy of all Measurements: ± 1.0 %
  • Maximum Monitored Current: 100 Amps. RMS using Clamp-type Current Transformers
    • Higher currents are possible by using an external current transformer
    • Maximum Nominal Voltage Monitored: 400 V 3-Phase
    • Higher voltages are possible by using an external potential transformer
  • Types of Events Recorded:
    • Voltage Sag – 0 to 350 VAC
    • Voltage Peak – 0 to 500 VAC
    • Current Peak – 0 to 999 Amps
    • Power Limits Exceeded – 0 to 999,999 watts
    • Energy Limits Exceeded – 0 to 999,999 kw-hrs
    • Zero Voltage Event
    • Periodic recording
    • Power-Up Event
    • Power-Down Event
  • Periodic Recording Interval Range- 1 second to 60 days
  • Storage Capacity:
    • SD Card – limited by SD Card Capacity
      -Example with 1 minute recording interval, 1 GB can store 19 years worth of data
  • Communication – GSM/GPRS
  • Display – Color TFT Graphics
  • Controls – Touchscreen
  • Relay Outputs – 2 at 15 A. 300 VAC
  • Power Requirements:
    • 85-264 VAC, 47-63 HZ
    • 10 watts Max. Power Consumption
  • Environmental Specs:
    • Operating Temperature: 0 – 60° C
    • Maximum Humidity: 20 – 95% Non-condensing
    • Maximum Vibration: ± 10 g's
  • Dimensions: 200 mm W x 300 mm H x 175 mm D
  • Enclosure Material: Polycarbonate Weatherproof
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