Micrologic Systems Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and systems integrator of advanced technology products for transportation and utility industries.  Its main products are:

  • Computerized Toll Collection Systems
  • Automatic Fare Collection Systems
  • Wireless Telemetry and SCADA Systems

It was established in October 1994 by Mr. Hilary L. de Leon and a group of engineers.  Mr. De Leon was formerly Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Mitech Corp., a company designing and manufacturing microprocessor-based products and a member of the Ayala group of companies, the country’s biggest conglomerate.  Mitech’s main products were computerized car park systems found today in most shopping malls and carparks in Metro Manila and the Logbox Time Recording system installed in hundreds of companies nationwide.  In 1994 they also developed the computerized toll collection system for a project in China and in October of the same year, Mr. De Leon left Mitech and set up Micrologic Systems Inc., taking over the toll collection product line.

Since then the company has installed hundreds of lanes of toll systems in China, the Philippines and Indonesia and has provided the first smart card payment systems for the country’s mass transit systems.  It has also pioneered wireless telemetry and SCADA systems for water utilities in major cities in the Philippines. At one point in time it also provided contract research and development work for both local and foreign companies.

Micrologic Systems Inc. has acquired extensive experience and has developed a credible track record in these industries.  It has also developed a level of technical expertise that allows it to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions, thus making it very competitive in both the local and international markets.

Among the company’s capabilities are:

  • Design of embedded systems using microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • Design of complete products from conceptualization to mass production, including PCB, enclosure  and manufacturing design
  • Development of firmware needed in embedded systems and application software for PC-based systems
  • Development of products involving mobile, wireless, DSP and GPS technologies
  • Custom design solutions exactly to the client’s requirements
  • Provide after-sales technical support and product upgrades
  • Integrate products from other vendors to achieve comprehensive solutions and levels of performance acceptable to the client

In the area of electronics R&D services, since the company started in 1994, Micrologic has completed the design of a portable image scanner with built-in storage and real-time compression and a call back/call forward, call bridge device for home use.  These products have been in production for several years now and are currently being marketed worldwide by Micrologic’s customers who are based in Silicon Valley.  It also developed  a DSP-based remote energy metering system for an electric meter company in North Carolina, U.S.A., a new generation of Time Recording Systems for Mitech BTHI and  a Flight Data Recorder for general aviation aircraft for which a US patent has been granted.

Micrologic Systems Inc. capitalizes on its strength in research and development, focusing on niche areas such as the application of advanced technologies in transportation and infrastructure industries with the long term goal of being able to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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